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Time between the creation and close of the pull request/issue.

Created User

Pull requests/issue by creation user

Merged/Assigned User

Pull requests/issue by merger or assigned user

Lifetime versus comments

Lifetime versus comments

Lifetime versus commits

Lifetime versus number of commits

Lifetime versus changes

Lifetime versus magnitude of changes

Lifetime versus number

Lifetime versus github # number

Help! How to visualise pull request and issue statistics for github

This webpage can retrieve pull request or issue statistics for github repositories using the github api. To view some statistics click, , on the right and then enter the repository details in the pop-up menu. Then click or to fetch pull request or issue statistics from gitub. Private github repositories will require authentication for access, via a github token, as explained on github here. After entering the token be sure to click for it to be applied. Note that only closed pull requests and issues are considered for statistics.

Clicking on the histogram will select only the pull requests/issues with the lifespan selected, whereas clicking the pie charts will select pull requests/issues created by or assigned to a specific user (this can also be acheived by selecting the lifespan/user in the table below). Selection can be reset by clicking . Clicking a linear-x plot will create a log-x plot and vice versa. Double-clicking a plot will enlarge it, an enlarged plot can be zoomed in via dragging and zoomed out via right clicking.

This webpage makes us of the github api which limits the number of requests a user can make. As 1.01 requests are required for each pull request/issue an unauthenticated user can view the statistics of no more than 59 pull requests/issues by default whereas a authenticated user can view the statistics of 5940.


The lifespan of a pull request/issue is calculated as for a github api object,

var created = new Date(object.created_at);
var closed = new Date(object.closed_at);
var lifspan = closed - created;

The user creating the pull request/issue is given by the object.user field, and the user assigned to the issue is given by the object.assignee field whilst the user that merged the pull request is given by the object.merged_by field.


I thought I'd find correlations between lifespan and users, comments, commits, change-size and github (#) number. I have only really found a slight correlation between lifespan and change-size on the repository I work on. Additionally the median pull request lifespan is 1 week unless it is a pull request I created in which case it is a month :(.

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